New Developments in Food Industry

The question of regulation, innovation and their influence on competitiveness in global markets encompasses a high relevance for the food industry. However, little has been done to know the effect of regulation on the capacity of such a standard industry just like the food industry to get and to introduce new products and services within the market. Transformation activities within the food industry is detected on different levels and with differing methodological approaches innovative fields within the food industry are analyzed whether the present regulatory framework has hindering or facilitating impacts on the event and introduction of latest supplements: the employment of gene-splicing approaches for food production and food processing, the sphere of health align Functional Foods and organic food products. within the coming years the agro-food sector is confronted with multifarious new scientific approaches and technical opportunities which frequently have an interdisciplinary character. Therefore, the investiture and building-up of interfacing competencies in addition because the establishment of recent outermost knowledge and competence networks seems to be of strategic relevance for several companies of the EU food industry. during this context it's advisable to broaden the content of external co-operations and include clients, retail companies, research institutes, particular service companies furthermore as other companies of the food and supplying industries in such networks.

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